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World Cup 2006 discussion.

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Postby Geoff » Wed Jun 28 2006, 15:01

Fingers wrote:
Dave wrote:If Neville plays then he will be the perfect scape goat!

Why do you dislike Gary Neville so much? Is it because he plays for Manchester Uited and doesnt hide the fact he loves United and is very passionate about the club he plays for.

Just because you have a hatred towards United (like many other neutrals supporters of unsuccessful teams) you shouldnt let it cloud your judgment on how good a player is. Gary Neville has won every domestic trophy thats available to him, has been an England international for 10 years and has been at the heart of one of Englands most successful clubs sides in recent years. Bad players dont play for their country for 10 years under 4 different managers.

Perfect scapegoat then!

That could certainly be a case of 'well what did the Romans ever do for us?' :lol:
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Postby Dave » Wed Jun 28 2006, 15:08

Neville was a good player I give you that, but maybe its time to follow in Phil's footsteps and sign for Everton, or even Reading???
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Postby Fingers » Wed Jun 28 2006, 15:22

Dave wrote:Neville was a good player

Still is a great player. Neville will only ever play for two teams Manchester United and Manchester United Reserves.
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Postby paghamjon » Wed Jun 28 2006, 19:23

CCUFC wrote:
what a load of bollocks. if beckham is that bad and doesnt do much then why do we need 3players to do his job?(terry gerrard lennon)
and lennon hasnt crossed 1 good ball this world cup so how u can say he can take over crossing from the best crosser of a ball in the world i dont know. gerrard yeh hes good from dead balls but beckham is outstanding from dead balls. and how cn u just change captain for a world cup quater final. just dont think it should be done myself. y would you want to replace 1 of out best players for an inexperienced player who cant even replace all of beckham duties. and no point putting crouch up top against portugal, everytime crouch has come up against carvalho this season carvalho has had crouch in his back pocket. sorry i know its all about opinions and u have yours and i have mine but tht is the biggest load of bollocks ive read.

3 players to do his job ?! The reason Beckham should be dropped (in my opinion ! 8) ) is that Lennon is a much quicker player on the wing and (again in my opinion !) Beckham is wasted out wide when he should be played in the middle - not an option with Lampard and Gerrard in the side.
As I said, we insist on playing the high ball into the area (usually from Beckham !!) even when, unbelievably, we had owen and rooney up front (both of whom make me look tall :lol: ) Therefore Crouch is a given
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Postby **** » Wed Jun 28 2006, 21:19

and what exactly will beckham offer u in centre mid? tackling ability? no heading ability no? attacking n supporting the attack no? beckham isnt a centre midfield player hes a right winger. every manager hes played for seems to think so so id guess he's better on the right than the middle several top class managers cant all be rong.lennon has pace? cant cross a ball tho so pointless seein as we get tht on the left hand side. cole and lennon both on pitch who would cross the ball ? no1. beckham myt not have pace but he has 1 hell of a work rate, can ping the ball to practically anywhere he wants, great at set pieces, experience etc. at the pace lennon plays he wudnt last a whole game so if he was to start he'd pace himself and wudnt have as much of an impact. he is an impact player and shud stay tht way
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Postby A.L.B » Thu Jun 29 2006, 17:25

I think its importnat if we're talking about crosses and headers, to consider that if Gary Neville plays, both he and Beckham constantly supply crosses, thet did for United for years.

Neville is always prepared to go on the overlap and take defenders away.

Ashley Cole has been prepared to also but......he cant cross a road!!
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Postby The Tye » Thu Jun 29 2006, 19:22

A.L.B wrote:Neville is always prepared to go on the overlap and take defenders away
That is exactly what gary time is!!!
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