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Postby Mike May » Sun Feb 17 2019, 11:23

Southern Combination League - Premiership
CDG ( 0 ) 1 CHICHESTER CITY ( 2 ) 5
( Petty 80.) ( Jones 8, Hathem 44, Dulcetti 52, Clack 78, Axell 96.)


Its not often, if at all, a goalkeeper is relatively unemployed for all of 90+ minutes, tho this time he was stirred into action on 80 when having to retrieve the ball out of the net, otherwise perhaps a deckchair ( tho missing the sunlight ) would probably have surfficed thro out.

As already intimated, CHI were by far the most imposing side to have visited the Haven Centre this season, cutting their way thro the gallant Anvil defence with at times consummate ease, plus of course goals to boot, all this made one think of that other CITY who do very similar in their own particular league!

With their rivals NEWHAVEN falling by the wayside, thus giving CHI more daylight, and EASTBOURNE TOWN starting to stir, but one would think it would be a case of the more stronger alround side of CHI having the edge over the 'one man' band of the other 'HAVEN outfit, but then again 'whose to know' what the outcome might be!

As for the ANVILS its 'work in progress' as with a safe midtable position guaranteed for another season the continuation of the younger element from their 'conveyer belt' continues to be the main theme, giving them game time for when their present incumbents decide to call it a day, and pursue more leisurely pursuits, now where's that lawn mower!!

All in all an absorbing encounter. GATE :- 93
Mike May
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Joined: Sat Oct 01 2005, 20:32

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